Truly Uncovering The Gems of Iceland

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Off Road Expedition ATV Quad Tours –
Get Lost (in a good way) in Iceland 

By popular request, our latest tours that offer more trail time diving deeper into the raw nature have been a hit!


We must admit – our greatest strength as an adventure tour company comes from the relationships we have with our guests. We’ve been in the tourism business since 2003 which has allowed for a great deal of conversation, feedback and learning from previous travelers. More recently, we’ve had feedback that has entirely reshaped the way that we are offering tours – by giving our guests more trail time, traveling much deeper into the raw nature away from the typical routes and throwing in additional experiences like caving, geothermal spa stays, traditional Icelandic meal stops along the way and overnight stays (1 or 2 nights). We hear you! Our guests don’t just want to just dip their toes into experiencing Iceland – they wanted to dive in head first. SO let’s do it!

Through much scouting resulting in guides getting caught in snow storms, deep rivers and much more adventurous tales – we present you with three options to meet your itinerary and budget.


Just below you’ll find a photo-log from our most recent 1, 2 and 3 day expeditions. Happy wanderlusting! 🙂



If you’re wondering how much you can really see in a day, leave it up to us!



Adventure from sunrise to sunset and the thrill of waking up the next day to do it all over again!



Forget the coach buses and beaten tracks, travel with us to the far corners of the mountain trails!

Have a look at our latest 3 Day Ultimate Quest Tour that features all the goodies from the day 1 and day 2 tours, with a bonus 3rd day that wraps up your exploration of Iceland with an incredible ending. Who’s ready to hit the trails?


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