The Golden Circle: Drive it yourself!

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The Golden Circle: The Ultimate Drive It Yourself Guide!   Welcome to the ultimate drive it yourself guide to The Golden Circle! If you haven’t already noticed, we Icelanders are forever tourists of our own country. Our small population of roughly 330,000 people is pretty condensed into Reykjavik and a few smaller cities out in the… Read more

Only the BEST! New Can Am Quads added to our Safari Quads Fleet!

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THE SAFARI QUADS FAMILY JUST GOT A LITTLE BIGGER… AND BETTER! We’ve just added 21 brand new CAN AM Outlander L MAX DPS 570 ATVs to our motorized family! We want our guests riding only the top of the line quality ATVs.      Never mind Santa Claus’ efforts this past Christmas… We just got our… Read more

Our New Midnight Sun ATV Tour is Now Available for the Summer!

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The Midnight Sun is just around the corner! Experience Iceland’s unique everlasting sunset surrounded by raw nature with Safari Quads!  The melt of winter and the warmth of spring is quickly approaching. We’re looking forward to our trails defrosting and the revival of the lush Icelandic moss. With the beginning of a new upcoming season,… Read more