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Our team here at Safari Quads took on an intern from Belgium studying tourism for a full month to create a learning opportunity and assist her along the way! Melissa was a great addition to our team and we were happy we could be a part of her educational experience! Best of luck to you in the future Melissa! We have a good feeling you’re going to get up to some awesome things. 🙂 – SQ Team 


Thank you Safari Quads for the best internship in the entire world!


Time flies, that is for sure! It feelsimage14 like it was only yesterday when I stepped off of the plane at Keflavík. After this wonderful month exploring the Golden Circle, the Northern Lights, Reykjanes Peninsula, going snowmobiling, caving and tearing through the fresh snow with an ATV… Sadly, it´s time to go home. All good songs must come to an end, but I´ll never forget these 4 fantastic weeks… I had the time of my life!

Hi everyone, I´m Melissa, a student intern at Safari Quads ATV & Buggy Adventure Company! I´m studying tourism and came all the way from Belgium to Iceland for one full month to do my internship. Words can´t describe how much I enjoyed being here… So instead of trying to explain that, I´ll just you tell about my adventures of working and living here.I hope that after you’ve finished reading this, you´ll be as speechless as I am!



March 27th, the day I left Belgium and my ordinary life behind. Ready to go and explore Iceland! From the moment I arrived, I fell in love with this beautiful country! The only thing I had to get used to was the snow and the really, really tough wind… At some point I actually thought my fingers would freeze off! Haha

The first thing I went to visit was the Golden Circle. WOW, how many breathtaking creatures does the nature have? It was overwhelming! First walking back and forth between the Eurasian and North-American tectonic plates at Thingvellir National Park, then driving to Geysir to see the Strokkur erupt. Awesome! And if this wasn’t already amazing enough, I went to look at the oh-so-beautiful waterfall at Gullfoss. I can say that my first day in Iceland was more than successful! But then there was Monday, my first day at Safari Quads… So exciting!



I was blessed with joining the team of Safari Quads ATV & Buggy Adventure Company! Every single team member here was so friendly and patient with me! The first things I learned were answering customer service emails and entering bookings. This was done all at my own pace, which made me feeling really comfortable here. But after a couple days, I was told that I already got to go on one of their excursions: the 2 Hour Twin Peaks ATV Tour! They let me do this to show me how the tours exactly work. It was A-MAZ-ING! Ripping through the snow and seeing some really stunning views… I loved it!
The days afterwards, I had to write a blog about my experience. I had never done that before, so I can sure tell you that I learned a lot those first few days! But when I finished it with help of Kendall, I was so proud!



After work I tried to find the Northern Lights a couple of times. And yes, I found them! I´ll never forget the first time I saw them. I was just standing with some friends outside my apartment when all of a sudden everyone started screaming and shouting ´OH MY GOD I CAN SEE THEM, I CAN SEE THEM LOOK, LOOK!´. And if you think that is typical for teenage girls, you should have seen my teacher Jimmy going crazy. He was as happy as a five year old getting candy!  🙂
Seeing colors dancing in the sky makes you as human being standing on the ground feel really small. But afterwards, I actually thought that I´m glad that you can´t see them every night… Otherwise I don´t think I would sleep much anymore! Haha

The combination of having a new job and learning how to live in an other country can be difficult sometimes. Of course when your best friend goes to a party when you would normally go to together, it can be hard… But hey, there´s Facetime, Skype and the Viber messaging app to stay in touch with friends! If your in Iceland, you enjoy the adventure so much that you stop getting caught up in what everyone back home is doing and start to feel really grateful to be here! So no need to worry, you won´t miss home too much, no matter what you leave behind. You´ll be to way too busy enjoying this awesome country!




image1 (1)



In the the third week of my internship, I was lucky to do two excursions! The first one was the Golden Circle and Super Truck Snowmobiling. Yes, I did the Golden Circle two times! But this time, after Geysir we went snowmobiling for one hour! This was so cool! I actually wasn´t so adventurous before Iceland, but now I can definitely add ´pushing my limits´ to my list! No thinking, pure adrenaline and go! Just awesome!
My second excursion was the Underworld Lava Caving with Arctic Adventures. This was even more out of my comfort zone… I panicked a little when I thought too much about me being claustrophobic, but the guide reassured me that everything would be alright… And it was! It´s actually really cool to go caving! Maybe not totally my thing, but I´m more than glad I did it… Because who says no to adventure!? Not me!
For all three tours, I can say that the companies were great! The guides were really friendly and the experiences were so adventurous I´ll never forget them!





If I got a euro for every time I was thinking about how different countries can be, I could move here and never have to work again. Yes, Iceland is much more expensive than Belgium. The first couple of times we went to the supermarket we were astonished of how expensive things can be. But this little negative thing can´t compete with all the positive sides of Iceland! Icelandic people are so friendly! During this month, I´ve said it nearly a hundred times to my friends: my internship would have never been as good as if I would have done it in Belgium. I simply love Icelanders! Also the nature here is simply beautiful. There is nothing more peaceful than driving through the mountains covered in snow!





And here I am now, working my last day at Safari. I´m so gonna miss it here! I´m so grateful for everything I´ve seen and learned here. That´s why I want to especially thank Kendall, Ísleifur and Josh for everything! I simply loved every single minute working and being here. I´ll never forget you guys! This definitely has been the best month of my life. It went by really fast, but I´ll never forget it. I wish I could stay a little longer…

Thank you Iceland for this amazing experience!



Student intern & blogger
P.S. For the ones who are still doubting if they would book a trip over here… Do it! If seeing how beautiful Mother Nature can be can´t convince you, then I don´t know what else will!




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