Ice Caves, Glaciers and More – Oh My!

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Brave enough to join us in winter?


Good on ya!

You’ll be well rewarded we promise! Winter opens up a whole range of incredible adventures for those who brave the odd snowstorm and those aggressive North Atlantic winds. If you’re on the hunt for epic winter activities, look no further than Epic Iceland. These guys offer a range of tours around the whole ring road of Iceland. From the tip of the West Fjords to the centre highlands of Askja to the Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon on the East Coast.


Winter Tours in Iceland

Winter in Iceland offers up a few amazing opportunities like:

Epic Iceland offers a wide variety of activity and sightseeing tours in Iceland. For winter travel, we definitely recommend ice caving and super jeep excursions!




Winter Weather in Iceland

Visiting this sub-Arctic island we call Iceland during the winter months may sound a bit intimidating to the future traveler. We are here to ease all of these concerns with our ultimate winter guide! Allow us to show you what a wonderful winter wonderland Iceland truly is!

We won’t lie, it will be cold, there will only be a few hours of daylight, and it is highly likely there will be snow and the occasional fierce windstorm. Before we scare you off, do know that the positives more than outweigh these concerns! A trip during the winter months means you get to avoid the crowds and can enjoy waterfalls all to yourself. The few hours of daylight you will get will have the most magical golden hour lighting. A photographers dream! And umm the northern lights, you get to enjoy those too if you’re lucky!


Want to learn more about winter travel in Iceland? Check out Epic Iceland’s Ultimate Guide to Winter Travel in Iceland! They also have month to month guides for what to expect in terms of weather, festivals and events for each month of the year.




Happy Travels!

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