Our friends at Arctic Shots!

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Want to learn from the BEST?

Come along with Arctic Shots to have personal professional guidance alongside you behind your lens!

We are proud to be in partnership with Arctic Shots, a group of local award winning photographers here in Iceland.


Who is Arctic Shots? 

Arctic Shots is a company that specializes in photography day tours in Iceland. Their greatest success has come from their northern lights photography tours! Siggi and Bragi, the owners of Arctic Shots, personally take you far from the city lights of Reykjavík and into the depths of the darkness in the countryside. Their experience in photographing the northern lights leads them through the night with their small group of adventurous guests hoping to catch a glimpse of natures most stunning performance, the northern aurora borealis.


Capture the spectacle of a lifetime! 

As the fascinating light show is dictated only by Mother Nature’s will, Siggi and Bragi utilize up to date aurora storm forecasts to ensure you receive the best shot to see the spectacle. Once on site beneath the magic, you quickly come to learn why they are award winning northern lights photographers. Their skilled guidance will assist you in capturing shots of the lights ensuring you have amazing photographs to walk away with. Not a photographer by heart? No problem! If you’re just along for the chase of the lights, your Arctic Shots pros will get shots of you with the northern lights free of charge!


Interested in joining the pros for a night of northern lights hunting?!

Head over to Arctic Shot’s sterling Trip Advisor page to learn more or inquire at info@arcticshots.is! 🙂

Check out their magnificent work below!


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