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Reykjavik Pub Crawl

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Do you want to experience the legendary Reykjavik nightlife like the locals?

In the 3 hour Reykjavik Bar Crawl you will crawl from one bar to another with a local nightlife professional by your side and experience the best of what Reykjavik nightlife has to offer through premium Icelandic beer, unique cocktails, the infamous Black death and so much more! Whether you are traveling by yourself, with friends, colleagues or a bachelor group – This tour is the perfect way to explore the wild nightlife scene in Reykjavik!

Icelandic Nightlife Adventure

We start the night off at the absolute best cocktail lounge in Reykjavik where we sip on delicious Icelandic cocktails, crafted by some of the city’s most talented mixologists.
From there an apparently random but, yet highly synchronized, sequence of bar hopping takes place. We hop into one of Reykjavik’s most popular bars and enjoy our famous ‘off-menu’ Coco-Puffs cocktail. We visit a true Viking bar where we blend in with the locals and enjoy some Icelandic brews, the traditional Brennivín snaps, and a fermented shark!
Yup, you read that correctly! A local delicacy which dates back to the Viking ages. No one has truly experienced Iceland until they’ve had Black death and fermented shark.

Do you dare to try out the fermented shark?

Once we’ve shaken off that warm and fuzzy Viking feeling, we aim for the biggest nightclub in Reykjavik. But first, we’ll stop at Bill Clinton’s favorite Icelandic restaurant, the famous hot dog stand (hot dog and Icelandic water included). Then, we finally hit the nightclubs, VIP style! But as we jump in front of the line and into the wild nightclub the tour officially comes to an end. From there it’s completely up to you if you want to party hard or get back to your hotel and catch some sleep for a busy but adventurous day that lies ahead. However, we will, of course, encourage our guests to stay together and drink & dance, ’til the break of dawn!’.

If you’re in for a night of entertainment, new friends and unique drinks – then you should definitely sign up for the Reykjavik Bar Crawl!

We host the Reykjavik Bar Crawl every Friday, starting at 22:00. Everyone can sign up, individuals and smaller groups. Wake Up Reykjavik also hosts multiple private Reykjavik Bar Crawls every week for groups of 5-60 persons. Sign up’s for both groups and individuals are made in the contact form below.

Details about the tour:

Things to know:

  • Minimum age is 20 years
  • Small groups will be merged for a minimum of 3 guests or the tour will be rescheduled
  • Total tour time is approximately 3 hours
  • Dress code: Dress smart but keep in mind that the Icelandic weather can be unpredictable
  • Everything is included in the tour
  • The Open Bar Crawl has a maximum of 12 participants so everyone gets a personal experience
  • Tours will end at the last venue while we encourage guests to stay for the night

Tour Details


3 hours


Every Friday


All year


The Good mood, and warm jacket



Trip Difficulty:



Professional nightlife guide & a tour around Reykjavik
Three unique cocktails
Premium Icelandic beer
Brennivín/black death snaps
Fermented shark and Icelandic dry fish
Hot dog at the famous hot dog stand (+ Icelandic water)
VIP in front of line entry at Reykjavík’s biggest nightclub

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