Some things you should know…


  • All drivers must be at least 17 years of age and have a valid full driver’s license (You will sign a liability form that you have a full valid driver’s license in your country)
  • Passengers have to be at least 6  years of age for the Buggy & 8 years of age for the ATV , but height does matter. Safety is our top priority.
  • Legal guardians must sign for all passengers under 17 years of age.
  • Use of alcohol & drugs is strictly forbidden prior and during any tour.
  • All drivers must read our driving terms and condition form and sign a waiver of responsibility & acceptance that they are fully aware of the risks, conditions and hazards of the proposed activity as a participant.
  • All payment must be finalized prior to the tour.
  • Drivers must bring a credit card along to the tour. They are required to sign a damage deposit form, agreeing to a deposit held in the event of any bike damage.
  • Best price guarantee. We guarantee that you will always get the lowest price when booking at our website. If you find another rate on another website, same tour, same date, same departure. Please send us an email to safari@safari.is and we will match that price.
  • Reservations require a credit card deposit.
  • Proper shoes are required. This means no high heels, sandals, flip flops or open toed shoes.
  • All our prices are in Icelandic Kronas (ISK) and includes VAT. Please check a currency exchange to see the currency fluctuation at current date
  • Reviews & Feedback. We love feedback both negative and positive and every feedback will help us improve our tours for the better. If your tour did not meet your expectations. Please send us a email to safari@safari.is within 3 days after the completion of your tour. Or a possible compensation is not valid.
  • Pregnant women if you are more then 3 months pregnant you cannot participate in our tour due to safety reasons.


1.Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing and be sent to safari@safari.is. If it is not possible to send us your cancellation via email, please contact us by phone (+354 8211-311).

Day Tours 


    • if canceled within 24hr notice – Full refund 
    • Less than 24hr notice – No Refund
    • No shows and cancellations on location –  No Refund

Safari Quads cannot be held responsible for property damage, loss, injury, sickness or other factors due to weather or natural disaster or any other cause out of Safari Quads control. Safari Quads is not responsible for cancelled flights,covid or delays that could affect your reservation here at Safari Quads. The 48 hour notice cancellation policy still applies.

2.Promotional Codes.

Promotional codes cannot be applied after a bookings has been made. Promotional codes must be entered at checkout and applied before paying.

3.Pick up & Drop-off Services.

Safari Quads offer pick-up and drop-off services for all tours. Please read your voucher carefully if you have purchased pick-up and look for the pick-up timings when you need to be at your hotel lobby or if your hotel is at a no-pick up zone, your voucher will assign you to a bus stop. please check www.busstop.is to see how far you need to walk from your hotel.
You as a traveler are responsible for your pick-up and providing us with your accommodation. If you are not sure were to be or timings the pick-up is. Please send us an email to safari@safari.is
Missing a pickup does not entitle a refund. Your are responsible to be ready at assigned pick up location at assigned time.

4. Meeting us on location.

If you did not purchase pick-up and are planning to meet us on location. Please read the voucher carefully as it will give you clear instructions to come to our base-camp. If you have internet connectivity on your phone, we recommend typing in Safari Quads in google maps. It will take you directly to our base camp.
You are responsible to be at our base camp on time. If you are late to our base camp before our departure time. You will not be entitled to a refund.

  • Please visit this this link on “How to get ready” . There you will find everything you need to know about how to get to our location. GPS coordinates, Google maps link. We do recommend Google maps. It takes 15 minutes to drive from downtown Reykjavik to our basecamp when there is little or no traffic. Please check this link that shows traffic on the way to the base. Route 49 is the main road you will drive to our location. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure of your tour.

5. Icelandic Weather & Conditions.

All our tours are dependent on weather and snow conditions. This is Iceland and the name should say it all. We can’t predict mother nature. The Icelandic weather conditions can change rapidly and without notice. We have the right to alter routes and departure times or cancel your trip without prior notice with your safety in mind.

7.Valid Driving License.

For driving you need to have a valid driving license in your home country. If you are a passenger you do not need one. At base camp you will sign a liability waiver stating that you have one.

8.Assumed Risk in ATV or Buggy Tours.

The ATV & buggy tours are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. Safari Quads does not assume any responsibility for accidents which are caused by its customers or can be traced to their own actions. Participants sign a waiver prior to undertaking all tours stating that they realize that all outdoor motorized activities carry an inherit risk and that they understand the concept of full liability on the participant.

No alcohol or drug tolerance is allowed on our tours. We have the right to breathalyze participants if our guides suspect a participant being under the influence and deny going on the tour. Again This is with your safety in mind.
Participants showing up under the influence are not entitled to a refund.


Safari Quads does not share any clients personal information.


If you have any questions regarding our policies above, please don’t hesitate to contact us at safari@safari.is