Our Team

Get to know our guides and office

Josh Friðriksson

General Manager


Don't be fooled by his young appearance, Josh has more social skills than Jim Carrey on a good day. This guy could sweet talk his way out of jail anytime, just look at that colgate-smile!

Ísleifur Örn Guðmundsson

Sales Manager


A professional football player. Nominated as the one of best defender in soccer in all of Southern America. He's now a part of the Safari team.
He's taken ladies!

Bryndís Fossdal

Sales & Social Media Director


Bryndis is so disciplined she won't touch any candy even though it's on her desk all day, all week, all year. After hours she is mainly in the gym. We think she sleeps there.




Robbi is the real “MVP” in our basecamp. He makes sure your vehicle is in the best conditions. He loves our fleet so much, we think he is cuddling with the bikes during the night.


Operations Manager


When Patrick first started here he pretty much had a babyface. But after growing his beard he is slowly becoming a Viking. Patrick knows everything about our routes and regulations and if you ever join one of the Safari parties, you can enjoy his first-class DJ skills.


Guide & Operations


Christos is our Greek import. This guy seems to be really laid back, but on the tour he keeps your adrenaline pumping. He will drive with you through any river, doesn´t matter how deep it is. But no worries, Christos is a professional scuba diver.

Egill "Kaktuz"

Guide & Operations


Kaktuz? Yes, Kaktuz! Like the plant but without spines. Kaktuz is a circus artist as well. He will show you some magic tricks and if you behaved well, he will make an animal out of balloons for you after the tour.


Guide & Operations


Our Italian Stallion! Alessandro is a passionate Sailor and almost a professional with his camera and drone. If you want some high class photos from your tour, make sure you ask for Alessandro.


Sales & Operations


If Safari would be a Girl Band, we would call Hanna Sporty Spice. Why? Check out her Instagram (unicorn_in_reykjavik), she has some serious Yoga skills.




Anika is the newest member of our Safari Team. She has a great interest in being outdoors and a big knowledge about travelling safe through the country. If you are planning a road trip or hike make sure you get some advise from her before.


Guide & Operations


Bjarki is our boy from the countryside. He probably has been driving ATVs before he started to walk. He literally always is in a good mood. Even if it is raining on your tour, he will keep you smiling.


Guide & Operations


This young fella was in Liverpool FC. For real Look it up! But most of you will know him as a Global Elite. There he does his real magic!

Kendall Wilson

Our Part Time Canadian.


A vegetarian by heart!
Kendall has a special talent she can romanticize everything and we mean everything !
Need coaching on your relationship? Only surrounded by men. She handles our emotional break-downs in the office and makes the outlook great!


Part-time Guide & Operations


Einar can do everything... Literally everything! Einar has with us since the beginning and will always be a part of Safari. Now a days when he's not working for Safari he flies a Boeing 747. That's a Airplane 747. Yes you heard right. Maybe he will drop you off after your stay in Iceland?